About Preservation Pack

Preservation Pack was developed by the son and caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient with the goal of engaging and interacting with normal adults as well as those with some memory loss to stimulate attention, language skills, and memory. Preservation Pack activities are aimed at a group of mental processes including attention, language skills, problem solving, decision making, and memory, while providing an enjoyable channel to connect with caregivers and loved ones. It doesn’t take special skills or training, it’s designed for everyone young and old.


Preservation Pack Card Deck

Preservation Pack contains a deck of 60 cards with easy easily recognizable retro images. The cards can be used for a variety of different activities which range from easy to moderately challenging. Most of the activities may be enjoyed by 2 – 6 participants of any age. Keep in mind, all activities are focused on exercising the brain and interacting with others, not winning.